West Ham v Chelsea: Premier League – live

February 11, 2023

54 min: Cucurella works his way down the left and earns a corner off Bowen. Chelsea load the box but Fabianski claims the corner easily. West Ham break through Bowen up the right. Bowen tries to release Antonio with a pass down the channel, only for Mudryk to intercept. A poor pass. But West Ham come again, Rice fizzing a low drive inches wide of the left-hand post. Kepa had it covered, but it was a decent enough effort.

Updated at 13.48 GMT
13.46 GMT52 min: James curls in low and hard from the right. Nobody in butterscotch attacks the ball, which clanks off Ogbonna and is claimed by Fabianski. A typically fine delivery from James, though.

Updated at 13.46 GMT
13.45 GMT51 min: More noise now. Everyone done with their repast, refreshments and ablutions.

Updated at 13.45 GMT
13.44 GMT49 min: A slight not-everyone-back-yet-from-the-lavvies-and-bars atmosphere to the start of this second period. It nearly picks up when Antonio and Coufal combine neatly down the right, but the latter dallies and is dispossessed with Benrahma in space in the middle, screaming to be noticed.

Updated at 13.44 GMT
13.41 GMT47 min: Coufal throws long from the West Ham right. The bounce of the ball somehow evades both Bowen and Antonio in the Chelsea box and Kepa can claim. Not entirely sure Chelsea defended that particularly well, mind; had the flight of the ball not foxed the West Ham duo, they’d have been able to take an unchallenged pop at goal.