Thousands of Chelsea fans vote on poll towards Graham Potter.

February 14, 2023

I took to Twitter last night to share my thoughts on the West Ham game, once I had done that, I listened to Twitter spaces and scrolled through plenty of debates between fans about Graham Potter, some defending him, some saying he needs to go, some not quite sure, some were just confused as to what to think.

Amongst all this, I decided to run a poll for a day to see the overall position of the fans. Over 100,000 votes were recorded with the majority at 54% wanting Graham Potter to be sacked.

You have to take into context that the poll I did was on the day of a bad result however with such a large majority of votes, I think you can trust a heavy percentage to think rationally based on everything so far, not just yesterday’s result.

Potter needs to win on Wednesday, it would certainly prove to be a huge boost ahead of the Southampton match on the weekend.