Sevilla 1 vs 0 Man United,Live Streaming

April 20, 2023
T16 min: Antony hares down the right and wins a free kick off Acuna, who handballed while attempting to stop the ball going out for a corner. Eriksen’s delivery doesn’t cause Sevilla any problems.

Updated at 20.17 BST
20.16 BST15 min: Sevilla ping the ball around. Rakitic attempts to play Ocampos in down the inside-left, only to be clipped from behind by Wan-Bissaka. No need for that challenge, and this is a free kick in an extremely dangerous position … but United get away with it, Rakitic blootering witlessly into the wall.

Updated at 20.16 BST
20.15 BST14 min: On BT Sport, co-commentator Robbie Savage is apportioning most of the blame for the goal to De Gea. “In what world do you play out to your centre half, whose body position is all wrong, surrounded by players?” Wan-Bissaka out wide was the better option, he suggests. It’s hard to argue.

Updated at 20.15 BST
20.13 BST12 min: Rakitic channels his inner David Beckham, pinging a ball from halfway over De Gea’s head and into the net. But it won’t count. The whistle had already gone, Antony having been stripped of possession too forcefully. United, however, suddenly look all over the shop.

Updated at 20.13 BST
20.11 BST10 min: No idea why De Gea made that dangerous pass up the middle. Maguire was instantly put on the spot, and came up short alarmingly by miscontrolling. A complete fiasco. Such a cool finish by En-Nesyri, though.