REVEALED; Why Oleksandr Zinchenko’s offside call wasn’t shown and called-off.

January 23, 2023

Why Oleksandr Zinchenko’s offside call wasn’t shown during Arsenal’s winning TV broadcast has now been revealed.

A VAR and refereeing-focused journalist has provided an explanation for the offside call involving Oleksandr Zinchenko that resulted in Arsenal’s victory not being broadcast.

The league leaders found a deciding goal in the 90th minute through Eddie Nketiah, who scored his second, after being held to a 2-2 tie by Lisandro Martinez’s headed goal following an error by Aaron Ramsdale.

Martin Odegaard’s missed shot required quick action from Nketiah, who flicked it past David de Gea to put Arsenal five points ahead of Manchester City.

At two different times during the goal, there were, however, offside suspicions. Aaron Wan-Bissaka, who was positioned behind Nketiah and played him on when he made the goal, was clearly seen to be onside.

Zinchenko, who had been fed by recent acquisition Leandro Trossard from wide, appeared to be the second offender.

However, given that it appeared to be a relatively close call, it was odd that Sky Sports’ feed did not show a check to see if Zinchenko was offside, confusing many viewers.

Did anyone look to see if Zinchenko was offside?, Richard Keys asked on Twitter.

He and veteran beIN Sports broadcaster incident questioned whether Arsenal’s left-back was really past the final defender.

It should have been checked given the technology, but evidently they didn’t because they spent the majority of their time checking Eddie Nketiah.

But it has now been clarified that the reason there was no VAR review of Zinchenko on the feed was because it had already happened when Sky switched.

Images, which included the offside lines, were posted on social media and demonstrated that Zinchenko was onside. The Ukrainian was being used by Martinez.

Zinchenko’s celebration was pure ardor when the referee authorized the restart after the check was finished.

He patted his chest as he sobbed, which was caught on camera.

Prior to playing struggling Everton on February 4th, Arsenal’s next match is a crucial FA Cup fourth-round match against second-placed City on Friday at the Etihad Stadium.