Replace Rashford – Man Utd has a ‘bolԀ‌’ plan to recruit Mbappe

February 22, 2023

MU Man City’rewarding’ Julian Alvarez is the newest transfer news as of today, February 21. Although everyone is waiting for the ‘ᴇxᴘʟᴏsɪᴏɴ’ of Kylian Mbappe and Erik ten Hag for 4 stars of the first team leaving Old Trafford in the summer, Man City has announced that they have signed Alvarez.

Dean Jones, a transfer expert, stated that it is entirely possible for Manchester United to bring Kylian Mbappe to Old Trafford for the price of £ 150 million if the club has a new owner.

The Glazer family, who were contacted about signing the French striker, has decided to sell MU. In addition, the Daily Mirror reports that the Red Devils continue to view Mbappe as a potential replacement for the departing Ronaldo, both in terms of his value on the field and his importance to the club commercially.

Prince Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani, the CEO of one of the country’s main banks, said that Manchester United had received two offers to acquire the club in advance of the deadline for submission of bids. Both offers were from the Qatar corporation. bid.

“At this time, signing Mbappe is not possible,” said Dean Jones, “but if there is a huge transaction (meaning that MU is sold to a new owner with greater money), it is not impossible.”

According to a report from The Telegraph, Manchester United will try to sign either Mbappe or Harry Kane, but the latter seems more likely given his status as the captain of England’s national team.

Erik ten Hag deceives 4 stars of team 1

Ben Jacobs, a journalist for CBS Sports, claims that Anthony Martial, Harry Maguire, Scott McTominay, and Davy van de Beek are all on Manchester United’s transfer chopping block for the summer.

MU is making preparations to be active in the upcoming market with the intention of signing two significant contracts, one for a central midfielder and one for a leading striker.

In addition, the aforementioned four items have been placed on the sale list in order to help MU have more money in its budget and to make way for newcomers.

It’s unfortunate that Erik ten Hag adores Anthony Martial but that he gets injured so frequently, especially since Scott McTominay is no longer suited to play in the Red Devils’ middle.

Around this time, Harry Maguire suffered an injury to his primary ᴋɪᴄᴋ, and he was counseled to leave MU in order to play more. With Van van Beek’s departure from Old Trafford, it’s possible that nobody regrets it because he never demonstrated anything worth remembering.