Perfect stuntman’ – United interested in signing ‘new Ronaldo’ 21 y/o for €250m

March 3, 2023

Goncalo Ramos, a Portuguese striker, is a target for Manchester United, one of the most successful teams in the Premier League, which is contemplating extending an offer to Ramos. A ʀᴜᴍᴏʀ from Fichajes claims that Manchester United are considering making an offer to Benfica to acquire the services of Goncalo Ramos, a striker who is currently 21 years old. Ramos is a member of the Benfica team at the moment. The Red Devils have gotten off to a flying start thus far in this new campaign. Because of Erik Ten Hag, the club has undergone a change, and now they are making preparations for the forthcoming season by signing further excellent players.

Since taking over as head coach, the individual from the Netherlands has led the national team to remarkable success. They are all on pace to participate in the Champions League the year after that as well. And we will do everything in our power to bring back the halcyon days of yesteryear. This current season of the Carabao Cup has already been won by Manchester United, making them the champions of that competition. They are in contention for three more championships in addition to the one they already won.

On the other hand, the club based in Manchester is aware of a few key areas in which they want more reinforcement in order to compete effectively. They have made it clear that they are prepared to make an investment of up to 250 million euros in order to strengthen their squad. Erik ten Hag wants to make a signing during the summer for a real number nine player, and he is hoping to do so. They came to the conclusion that Goncalo Ramos is a candidate who has a chance of being hired for the role.

The performance of the 21-year-old in recent times has been nothing short of extraordinary. He catapulted to the center of public attention after scoring a hat trick at the FIFA World Cup 2022, which was held in 2022. He got the start against Switzerland instead of the team captain, Cristiano Ronaldo, and he capitalized on the occasion by scoring three goals for his squad. His performance at the international event garnered quite a bit of notice, which in turn drew attention to the performance itself.

Despite the fact that this is the 21-year-first old’s season with the Portuguese club, he has already made 32 appearances for them so far this season. In addition to that, he is directly responsible for 27 of the team’s total goals. The striker has had a fruitful and successful season up to this point in the competition. The club has a contract in place with the Portuguese international that won’t be up for renewal until the summer of 2026. Yet, it is very likely that he will go through with a big course correction during the course of the summer.


It is very evident that Manchester United is interested in acquiring his services and has expressed this interest. The team that Erik ten Hag captains is looking to fill the position of striker on the team with a new member. Upon the conclusion of the loan period that he is now serving, Wout Weghorst will report back to the organization that initially signed him. In addition to this, Anthony Martial has been experiencing a variety of health problems as of late. As an immediate and direct result of this, the Dutch manager has a strong interest in recruiting a new striker for his team.

They are willing to spend a considerable amount of money on Ramos and are also contemplating offers for Victor Osimhen and Frenkie de Jong in order to take the squad to the next level. In addition, they are prepared to spend money on Ramos. It will be intriguing to see whether the Manchester-based squad can sign all three players to play at Old Trafford if they are successful in doing so. If they are successful, the match will take place at Old Trafford.