Manchester United’s new owners will have an easy Erik ten Hag decision to make.

November 26, 2022

Man Utd could see an ownership change next year, and it could have a huge impact on Erik ten Hag’s role as well.

Manchester United are looking at ‘different strategic alternatives’ for the way the club is run, but no matter what happens, they must stick to the strategy they are implementing on the pitch.

It is still very early days in regards to any possible takeover of United, and it must be stressed that while the Glazers are understood to prefer a full sale of the club, there is still a chance it could be a partial sale or even not happen at all.

United fans will hope for a new era of success if ownership changes, but they will also hope that it comes in the form of building on the solid foundations that have already been laid, rather than tearing everything down and starting over.

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There is always the possibility of managerial change following a takeover, be it due to a difference of ideas, disagreements over the new structure in place, or even the new owners having their own person in mind to lead the club going forward.

What is reassuring, though, is that there is no argument to get rid of Erik ten Hag if such a change were to occur, particularly given how well he has handled himself since taking the reins in the summer and the way in which he has won over the support of the United fans.

In hindsight, it is very easy to see why United wanted the 52-year-old in the first place over other candidates, but at a time of reflection, it is important to remember that there were a few genuine concerns about his credentials.

Ten Hag’s previous managerial success had been limited to the biggest team in a league they were expected to win, and there were legitimate concerns about his preference for Dutch-affiliated players in the transfer window.

Those worries only grew after a poor start to the season, but since then, United have turned a corner, and for the most part, it has been down to the influence of their manager, both on and off the pitch.

There is now a much clearer identity about this United side and a preferred style of play is being implemented, even if it is still very much a work in progress.

New signings that were doubted are now not only integrated into the side but are the star performers in it, which will only further strengthen Ten Hag’s case in future windows.

Another noticeable change is the smiles on players’ faces, with the mood in the dressing room drastically improving since Ten Hag began his work on rebuilding a team that had become too accustomed to mediocrity.

His biggest victory, though, has been the Cristiano Ronaldo saga. Ten Hag was perhaps guilty of trying to keep the Portuguese on his side when he knew deep down that he did not have a key role to play and should have stamped his authority earlier rather than welcoming him back into the fold.

The Dutchman was guilty of being overly accommodating in order to keep the peace, but he still emerged with his integrity intact after Ronaldo burned his bridges and went nuclear in a bid to force his way out of the club.

After a tricky start to the season, Ten Hag’s stock has never been higher. He has not only begun to prove his doubters wrong on the pitch, but he has also managed to establish the authority of a proper United manager in the process too.

At a time when the future of United seems so uncertain, Ten Hag is a calming presence that gives supporters plenty of hope for bright times ahead, and it is imperative that those foundations continue to be built on .

In order to achieve those ambitions, everyone must be striving for the same goals, doing so through an ethos that stems from those in charge of the club.

There is a lot of work to do for whoever might end up buying United, but at least they won’t have to worry about the man who is tasked with making everything click on the pitch.