Man Utd wants to buy €70m ‘scanneг’ instead of McTominay, more skilled than Sabitzer

March 3, 2023

The exceptional footballer who was employed by Inter Milan made a positive impact on the Dutch tactician as a result of his performances, and as a result, the Dutch tactician was left with a favorable image. Because of the adjustments that Erik ten Hag made, Manchester United was finally able to break through to the next level of their organization’s history and achieve success.

The Dutch strategist helped the Old Trafford side improve their mental and tactical capacities by providing the players with guidance, which resulted in the players seeing tremendous progress in both of those areas as a direct result of the training.

They recently won the EFL Cup final against Newcastle United in a manner that was resoundingly victorious, and as a result, they put an end to the drought that had lasted for about six years in terms of not winning a championship. The victory versus Newcastle United was achieved in a way that was emphatically successful.

The fact that the leadership of Man United has more faith in Ten Hag as a result of winning this title is a development that should be viewed as positive because it has the potential to be beneficial. The captain, who is 48 years old, will find it much simpler to put the plan for the relocation into action as a result of this.

Team Talk has cited a source in stating that Ten Hag has requested that the board prioritize the pursuit of the Nicolo Barella deal in order to satisfy Ten Hag’s desire to improve the quality of the midfield. Team Talk has stated that this request was made in order to satisfy Ten Hag’s desire to improve the quality of the midfield.

The information provided by the source indicated that Ten Hag’s request was made in order to satisfy Ten Hag’s wish to increase the level of play in the middle of the field. The former Ajax captain, who was taken aback by the performance, was particularly astonished by the manner in which the eventual winner of the EURO played the game. He was taken aback by the performance.

Due to the high caliber of his play in Serie A, Barella’s performance has been hailed as valuable by the league’s coaches. The 26-year-old midfielder is able to effectively complete 91% of his passes when on average playing inside his own half of the field. This is an impressive feat. Throughout the course of 23 contests, he has been responsible for making contributions totaling 10 points (5 goals, 5 assists).