Man City vs Newcastle,Live Stream HD

March 4, 2023
City 0-0 Newcastle

6mins: Manchester City have really set the tone for the game. They are playing with real pace and intent. However, they can’t afford to switch off at the back as Newcastle are ready to pounce.

City 0-0 Newcastle

4mins: Another chance and this time it’s for Newcastle! Ake gave away a corner – which was subsequently fired towards the back post for Lascelles. He manages to get a head on the ball after losing Jack Grealish but he couldn’t get it on target.

City 0-0 Newcastle

1mins: Great start from Manchester City. They worked the ball up the pitch extremly quickly with some nice passages of play in the midfield. They then found Haaland on the half-way line. He turned and set De Bruyne off down the flank. The midfield maestro then found Grealish – who crossed it into the box for Gundogan to head. However, he couldn’t quite keep it down.