Here We Go’, Man Utd officially successfully signed £100m Goalkeeper with ‘Buffon Vibe’

February 21, 2023

According to a reputable journalist by the name of Tom Bogert, Manchester United are reportedly keeping a close check on the goalkeeper Djordje Petrovic, who is now playing for the New England Revolution.

The Spaniard David de Gea, who is presently playing for the Red Devils, is currently the Red Devils’ unquestioned number one goalkeeper, and de Gea has been performing incredibly well this season. He is currently playing for the Red Devils. David de Gea is a member of the Red Devils football team at the moment.

There have already been negotiations about a new contract begun with him, and from our perspective, it may be just a matter of time before he decides to sign a long-term deal as there have already been conversations about a new contract begun with him. The new terms of a contract have already been discussed with him in preliminary meetings.

Despite this, there are rumors that United may be interested in adding another goalkeeper to their roster during the summer transfer window, and Petrovic appears to be their primary target at the moment. [Citation needed] [T]he fact that United already possesses two goalkeepers on its roster is something that ought to be taken into consideration.

In the annals of Major League Soccer’s history, Petrovic has established a reputation for himself as one of the most accomplished goalkeepers who has played the position. He is currently the subject of what is regarded as “intense scouting” from the perspective of United, who are currently evaluating him. In football, one of the terms that might be used is “heavy scouting.”

Due to the lack of communication between the two clubs over the subject matter, there has been no back-and-forth concerning the possible trade of the player who is currently competing for the Serbian national team.

As a result of this, the higher-ups were compelled to make an effort to negotiate a new loan deal for Jack Butland, who is currently employed at Crystal Palace. Yet, he has not yet made his debut for United despite all of this. The events that followed ultimately resulted in Tom Heaton being chosen as the victor rather than him.

We feel that United should give some consideration to the prospect of Petrovic being selected to the position of deputy during the coming term. This is something that we believe the party ought to do.

The youthful goalie, who is only 23 years old, has lightning-fast reaction times despite his young age. During the regular season of the 2022 Major League Soccer campaign, he was the captain of the New England Revolution and led his team to an astonishing 94 percent accuracy rate with passes completed from inside their own half of the field. This was accomplished under his direction.

After spending time on loan with Nottingham Forest, United has the option of bringing back Dean Henderson; however, in light of the explosive interview he gave the previous summer, it is quite doubtful that he will end up rejoining the club. Despite this, United does have the option to do so. The duration of Henderson’s loan was completed at Nottingham Forest.

Because Henderson has made it abundantly apparent that he wants to play regular first-team football, we won’t be amazed if United authorizes his permanent sale during the upcoming transfer window. Henderson has made it very plain that he wants to play regular first-team football. Henderson has been extremely open about the fact that he wants to play regular football with the first team.