FIFA applies ‘special format’ at World Cup 2022 final.

December 17, 2022

With an event of such importance as the 2022 World Cup final, FIFA tightens and establishes highly stringent restrictions for the match’s organization.

FIFA has decided to let Polish referee Syzmon Marciniak officiate the 2022 World Cup final between Argentina and France after much consideration.

As a result, Mr. Syzmon Marciniak had to go through several strong candidates and severe regulations in order to gain FIFA’s trust.

It is well known that FIFA chose the black king for the 2022 World Cup final based on a number of stringent criteria.

The referee’s origin, in particular, is accorded significant attention.

Because the referee will not be from a federation that includes one of the two teams indicated above, according to official regulations (Argentina vs France).

FIFA chose referees from the continents of the two participating teams to prevent undue controversy.

As a result, no South American referees are chosen to oversee Argentina’s matches.

However, because the scope of European arbitrations is too broad, the same standards as in South America cannot be applied.

As a result, Mr. Syzmon Marciniak – the Pole – was caught in the 2022 World Cup final between Argentina and France, but South American referees like Raphael Claus (Brazil), Wilton Sampaio (Brazil), Jesus Valenzuela (Brazil), and Jesus Valenzuela (Brazil) Venezuela) were not selected.

Following that, FIFA did not assign referees who had already caught matches in the semi-finals and quarter-finals. Although it is not against the law, FIFA wishes to ensure impartiality and fairness for both matches and referees.

Finally, Mr. Syzmon Marciniak has a significant edge in that he has overseen both the France and Argentina matches at the 2022 World Cup. The black king is the Polish referee, who is in charge of the matches France 2-1 Dan Circuit (group stage) and Australia 1-2 Argentina (round of 1/8). He simply needed to draw 5 yellow cards and he didn’t have to blow any penalties or bring up any contentious situations.

As can be seen, FIFA had to self-impose unique regulations to limit controversy and encourage objectivity in order for the planning and operation of the 2022 World Cup final to proceed well.

Referee Syzmon Marciniak will be assisted by two Poles in the 2022 World Cup final: Pawe Sokolnicki and Tomasz Listkiewicz.

Meanwhile, the host country’s officials, including referee Abdulrahman Al Jassim and two assistants Taleb Al Marri and Saoud Ahmed Almaqaleh, will take the field in the third-place encounter between Croatia and Morocco.

Morocco files lawsuit against FIFA for being denied two obvious penalties against France

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) has officially filed a complaint to FIFA, claiming that referee Cesar Ramos blew the whistle wrongly in two serious situations during Morocco’s 0-2 loss to France in the World semi-final. Cup 2022.

Le Matin (Morocco) newspaper reported: “The FRMF strongly objected to the Mexican referee Cesar Ramos. They sent a letter to the competent FIFA authority. In which, the FRMF returned to the situations where the referee refused. give Morocco a penalty, in two undeniable situations according to some referee experts.

The FRMF was also sᴜrprised that the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system did not respond to these erroneous situations of the referee. The FRMF will make every effort to claim fairness and denounce the referee’s mistakes in the semi-final.”

In the semi-final against France, after conceding a goal very early, Morocco pushed up the offеnsive squad. In the 27th minute, striker Sofiane Boufal (Morocco) had a collision with Theo Hernandez and fell in the penalty area of ​​the French team.

As everyone was waiting for the penalty for Morocco, referee Cesar Ramos again warned Sofiane Boufal a yellow card because he thought the player was “cheating”. But the slow motion shows Theo Hernandez having an impact on Boufal.

Former Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand also wondered about this situation when commenting on the television channel: “It was an illеgal ball from Hernandez. Morocco should have received a penalty.”

Not only this match, the 2022 World Cup has had a lot of controversy about the referee’s decisions. As in the semi-final between Croatia and Argentina, Croatian players also vehemently protested that Italian referee Daniele Orsato gave Argentina a 34th minute penalty.

Previously, referees were criticized in three quarter-final matches: Argentina – Netherlands, Portugal – Morocco and England – France.