Big news” – Expert makes Man Utd takeover claim, it’s good news for Qatar’s bid

April 7, 2023

United’s American owners announced in November they were exploring “strategic alternatives” for the club, which could result in an outright sale.

And last month British petrochemicals billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Qatari banker Sheikh Jassim placed revised bids to buy the club.

However, the Premier League have since announced they are tightening their rules and regulations on prospective owners and directors. The league has beefed its rules in an attempt to ban human rights abusers, corrupt individuals and violent criminals from owning a club.Of course, Qatar has come under criticism in recent years for issues related to human rights abuses and in turn, there was speculation Sheikh Jassim’s bid would be affected by the change in rules.

This is despite the Qatari having insisted that his bid is completely separate from the Gulf state and privately funded by his own Nine Two Foundation.

Will Sheikh Jassim’s bid be affected by Premier League rules?


According to football finance expert Kieran Maguire Sheikh Jassim’s bid will not be affected by the Premier League’s adjustments to its Owners’ and Directors’ Test.

Maguire told Football Insider: “As far as the changes to the Owners’ and Directors’ Test that have been agreed upon at the latest Premier League meeting, this will have zero impact in relation to a potential takeover of Man United.

“The changes don’t impact Sheikh Jassim or anyone from Saudi Arabia or other Middle Eastern states.

“Therefore, this is big news for Man United fans who are looking forward to the possibility of being owned by Sheikh Jassim.

“In terms of the proposals, there are going to be relatively few people who could previously buy a Premier League club that now can’t because of these changes.“