Atletico Madrid 100% want to sign Chelsea star after he was putted For sale in the summer

February 15, 2023

The Spanish team plan to sign the American striker in the summer of 2023.

According to information provided by Football Espana and reported by the Daily Mail, Atletico Madrid is mulling over the possibility of bringing in attacker Christian Pulisic during the summer of 2023. When wearing the shirt of Chelsea, the future of the American star becomes a significant open question.

After acquiring a number of inexperienced players in the course of the previous two transfer windows, Chelsea is rυmored to be planning a significant cleanup of its human resource department. Pulisic is on Chelsea’s “red” list despite the fαct that he has not made many significant contributions to the team professionally. Pulisic contributed 26 goals throughout the course of 136 games while wearing the Blues jersey.

The numbers are pitiful when weighed against the lofty goals that the American striker has set for himself. Pulisic was pushed to the ‘dαngerous edge’ as a result of his diminishing form and the many ailments that kept him out of action. At this juncture in his life, it seems reasonable for Pulisic to make the decision to leave Stamford Bridge.

The Spanish national team needs to get a winger of high caliber to compete with Atletico Madrid. Pulisic has emerged as the optimal solution to the problem. In the past, Chelsea and Atletico Madrid enjoyed a fruitful working relationship that resulted in transfer agreements including players such as Saul Niguez, Alvaro Morata, and Diego Costa.